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A List Of Original Essay Topics You Wouldn't Think Of

Writing an essay may be boring, but finding an unusual and burning topic can turn it into a creative task.

Here are some original topics for depictive and persuasive essays:

  • - Do nuclear weapons help keep peace in the world? Are they warrantors of stability on the Earth?
  • - Imagine life without any rules. How do they affect our lives?
  • - Do wealthy nations benefit from helping poorer nations? Can the charity we do make our own lives better?
  • - Can we spend money on space exploration when there are so many problems on Earth?
  • - Is fashion just a light matter? Does it influence the world’s economy?
  • vImagine that you can interview a person from the past. Who are you going to interview and why?
  • - Why don’t students grade their teachers? Would it raise the level of teaching?
  • - Should teachers wear uniforms?
  • - We cannot supply the population of our planet with food without the destruction of the world’s forests. Do you agree?
  • - Can the voting age be lowered to the early teen years? Do you think teenagers need more rights and responsibilities?
  • - Would you place a tax on junk food? Do people who neglect their health have to pay for it?
  • - Violent video games can reduce the levels of outrage in society
  • - Imagine that a book about you will be written in 2114. Can you summarize the content?
  • - Travelling abroad can teach us more useful things than attending college.
  • - Do religion and science always contradict each other?
  • - Homeschooling vs. traditional schools. Which is more effective?v
  • - Has classic literature become obsolete?
  • - Was life without modern technologies happier?
  • - Can men make better parents than women?
  • - Imagine a world without TV. Would we be able to survive without it?
  • - Tourism is a fast-evolving industry. Does this bring any problems to touristy places?
  • - Is paparazzi attention a fair price of fame?
  • - Should parents be punished for their children’s offences?
  • - In the future, all people will be vegetarian. It is healthier and you do not need to kill animals. Do you agree?
  • - Should government intervene in family planning?
  • - What makes a good movie?
  • - Should alcohol and tobacco be prohibited like drugs?
  • - Imagine if you were elected to be president. What would be your first order?
  • - Is it possible to abolish all taxes?
  • - Why do people make families? Will family life change in the 22st century?
  • - Are books necessary for education? Can kids learn from their environments only?