How To Write An Impressive Academic Essay: 10 Simple Rules

You will have to write many academic essays so it is important to know the best ways to make these impressive academic essays. Here are ten simple rules to follow to do just that.

  1. Format
  2. One way to lose easy points is by not formatting your paper in the right formatting style. Be sure to find out the style that your instructor wants you to use and master using that formatting style.

  3. Topic
  4. Choosing a good topic will make a big difference in how well your paper turns out. Choose a topic that is interesting and relevant. It should be a topic that you don’t mind researching.

  5. Find sources
  6. One of the important things that has to be included in most academic papers is a source. This is a direct quote from a scholarly source. It gives your paper some credibility. When your reader sees that your evidence is backed by a professional, it makes the quality of your work so much more.

  7. Proper citations
  8. Make sure that your paper gives the proper credit to the direct quote sources by properly citing your sources. You need to make sure that you cite them in accordance with the formatting style that your instructor chose for the assignment.

  9. Thesis
  10. The thesis is the main point of the paper. It is what you will be trying to prove. The thesis should be included in the paper and is usually the transition at the end of the introduction to the body of the essay.

  11. Transitions
  12. Transitions need to be used in your paper to help guide your reader through your thought process. They should know at all times where in the essay they are. For example, they should know that this is the second point that proves the thesis statement. The use of transitions helps the paper flow nicely and also fills in some space to get that word count.

  13. Outline
  14. Make sure to create an outline when you are writing an essay. It will help you stay on track and make sure that you aren’t going off on a tangent.

  15. Introduction
  16. The introduction is an important part of the paper. It should not only introduce the topic but it will also define any vocabulary that is pertinent and give some background information.

  17. Conclusion
  18. Don’t just throw the conclusion together. It should restate the thesis and leave your reader thinking about your topic. It is your last impression.

  19. Proofread and Edit
  20. You also need to make sure that you proofread and edit your paper. Do not make the mistake of just handing the paper in after you have finished your conclusion. You want to make sure that you have fixed any mistakes.

Hope this helps you write some truly impressive academic essays.