Global Issues

Global Issues: Climate Change

Climate Change is among the major global issues. It has become one of the major issues that are worrying the planet earth. The issue is severe and is characterized by the increasing earth in temperatures. The effects of climate change are a major blow to those economies that rely on the wealth for their production. The impact of climate change has also led to food insecurities in most of the countries today. Crops fail to grow, livestock die and water sources sometimes go dry. The global issue has resulted in the loss of lives following drought and famine. Both human beings and animals have died due to hunger. Malnutrition is another effect of the global issue. However, Climate Change is considered to be as a result of human activities on the earth. Deforestation is one of the factors that have led to the global issue. The global issue climate change has resulted in the increase in temperatures and warming up in the planet. Climate and weather prediction has thus become a problem. Climate Change is thus a global issue that has become and posed a significant threat to life on earth. Efforts by individuals, communities and countries should be vigorous to try deal with the issue.

Global Issues: Nature and Animal Conservation

Global issues such as Nature and Animal Conservation have become of major concerns for different nations all over the world. The human activities such as deforestation, hunting, farming, overstocking and overpopulation have led to nature destruction and extinction of particular animals and plants. Land that previously occupied trees and indigenous plants were cleared to create room for farming and shelter for increasing populations on earth. The beauty of the universe was gone. There are efforts by many governments to plant trees and make other efforts that conserve nature and animals. In some countries, the act of hunting has been abolished and banned altogether. Plants and trees have been planted to restore the beauty of the universe. Other efforts include environment conservation efforts for example going green.

Global Issues: Global Aid

Another global issue is Global Aid. The already developed countries have offered developing nations in the world aid. This is a global issue that has seen developing countries grow with time. The global aid provided for the developing nations includes development funds, health funds and relief food funds. Global Aid is thus a Global Issue that is beneficial.