A Comparison And Contrast Of The Genesis And Gilgamesh Flood

Gilgamesh flood story and Genesis flood story contain distinctive similarities despite being written in different time periods. Noah‘s righteousness was pleasing to God hence he was chosen to build an ark in preparation for the impeding flood that was to befall the land. This was an order that had to followed in order to protect the species from the wrath of the flood. It was a requirement that samples of both species were to be in the ark; this is a similarity to Gilgamesh flood story where samples of both species where found in the ark. Notably Sanders reported that, in both flood accounts, birds were used after the rains to determine if flood waters has subsided anywhere to reveal dry land.

There are distinctive similarities in both the arks built in the Genesis flood and the Gilgamesh flood in that both of them had a single door and atleast one window. In addition to that, it is surprisingly enough that we find that both arks were huge and the only difference found in both arks is that Noah’s was rectangular; Utnapishtim’s was square.

Utnapishtim’s ark and Noah’s ark both came to rest on a mountain after the rains ceased. Utnapishtim’s on Nisir while Noah’s on Ararat.Both the Ararat Mountain and the Nisir Mountain are 300 miles apart.

Another distinctive similarity that is shown in both accounts is that after the flood, sacrifices were offered in both accounts and the Gods were pleased by the sacrifices. Utnapishtim and Noah both received blessings. While Utnapishtim’s was eternal life, Noah’s was to populate the earth and have dominion over all animals.

Both surges have distinctive differences as they have similarities; God decided to destroy humans because of their wickedness in the genesis flood story while in the Utnapishtim's flood story the gods decide to wipe out the human race because they are too noisy. Whereas Utnapishtim’s rain lasted six days and six nights, Noah’s was for 40 nights and 40 days.

The true account of the bible is preserved through the oral tradition of God’s chosen people whereas the epic of Gilgamesh contains accounts that have been altered by people not following the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and hence would recommend the Genesis flood story to any student.