Video Games Are Good For You

Many people will probably not believe the fact that video games can be very good for you. Many stories have been told before about video games and how those people that play them a lot do not get enough physical activity which could lead to plenty of health issues. A lot of studies have been conducted on the effects that come with playing video games and the advantages associated with playing video games and you will not believe the revealed facts on how video games could enhance your mental and physical health. The idea about the negative effects of video gaming has to the brain is slowly dying away.

Studies show that video gaming can improve or enhance your decision making, perception and creativity. People playing the fast paced video games have been to seen to make up decisions faster and more accurately when compared to those who do not. Non gamers can make decisions up to four times in every second which is so inferior to active video gamers with a capability of deciding six times in a second. Those with video game experience have a tendency to concentrate averagely of up to about six things at a time without making mistakes. Simple video gamers can highly improve their strategic planning, retention information and three-dimensional navigation. On the other hand, games that simulate lives greatly help enhance the tractability of a gamer’s brain and thus enhanced intelligent. Other claims are that playing video games can reduce the natural process aging for the brain. Children are required to be attentive and video gaming helps enhance the keenness span of the gamer which is much useful to the kid in the academics.

When you play first shooting games, research has shown that you develop improved disparity sensitivity function. They thus enhance their capacity to tell the changes between small deviations in the clarity of an image. Contrast sensitivity utility is a visual aptitude and is always the first to contract with age. Research however shows that it can be enhanced if one develops the interest to play first person shooting games. This capability is crucial and really important especially to those that drive during the night or do other tasks in dark places. Just like any exercise enhances or helps you build some skills, aiming at enemies in a video game is exercise to the gamer’s eyes. Many studies are being carried out to reveal how much video gaming helps the human body. It may not have been proven but it is true to say, “video games are good for you.”