The Definition Of An Exploratory Essay: Up-To-Date Advice For High School Students

As a student, you will be required to write hundreds of essays during your education. No matter the courses you are taking, you will have to write pages about topics that you mostly don’t like. This is how it goes, and you must do everything you can to complete your study in good way. An exploratory essay is pretty common and even if it sounds difficult, it is not much different than any other paper that you usually write. There are some basic requirements that you should follow but except this, it’s entirely up to you:

  • The first element that you need to focus on is the topic of your essay. In this kind of paper you must not argue or support a certain idea, but only to analyze different perspectives. Therefore, your topic needs to be highly debatable, not something common that is well known by everyone. Depending on the requirements of your course, you can pick anything from a controversial book to a general political aspect.
  • Analyze any important perspective. When the topic is debatable, you can find many different opinions related to it. You must take each one of these and explain why they are correct or incorrect. Make sure to not express your opinion directly at this point; now you are only discussing from a completely neutral perspective some ideas. Be as objective as possible, and don’t criticize anything directly.
  • Express your personal thoughts. When you think that there is no valid opinion to analyze, you can move on and express your own. Remember that you must not be very aggressive in your response. Any statement that you make has to be supported by valid arguments. The fact that you like or don’t like a certain aspect is clearly not considered as argument, so be wise in your writing.
  • Write a smart conclusion. The fact that you end the paper with a few words does not mean you wrote a proper closing. The sentences that you write in the end must be friendly, but professional and to summarize everything you just wrote. Why the topic is important, what other perspectives are out there and why are they not valid and why you consider that your opinion is correct. All these needs to be presented in a very concise way, so make sure you don’t add any unnecessary details.