Society View On Teachers

The teaching profession has always been regarded as a highly respected and prestigious job in almost every society. Within its professional field, status seemed to be accorded with regard to the level or age of the pupil being taught. For instance, secondary teachers seemed to have higher status as compared to the primary teachers, who in turn have a higher position as compared to early childhood mentors. There is a range of reasons offered for this (note all prices in practicality), comprising of beliefs that increased level teachers get paid higher, require more training, have a more complex job, and they are more likely to be men (status being more willingly attached to employments that male does).

As a whole, teaching is perceived as an important and prestigious profession-however, neither of these offers status or position. There is although an option for individual teachers to obtain status if the job highlights its leading performers (in the same manner that the sport trainers obtain the position of their performance and leadership capabilities). At the core, teachers are appreciated, commended, trusted, valued (on a personal basis if they are better) -however from the perspective of the same people, not granted generally regard as a group, and certainly not accorded similar statuses of position as the high status employments listed. Since teaching is such an explicit profession, there are comparatively few impacts on individual’s viewpoint beyond their direct exposures with the teachers themselves. Roughly no other professional option is as well recognized and well realized-everyone has been experiencing the school systems, thus assumes that have a close insight of what teachers perform.

The advantages and disadvantages of teaching are thus eager at hand to any individual who is considering it as a profession. On the positive end, the responsibility itself and what it upholds is the major appeal (to those enticed) -the option for an individually rewarding, safe job that impacts both individual kids, and the future society that people will be living in. On the contrary, schools are perceived as being negative context in which people can find jobs, with adversely be having kids, uncooperative parents and a mechanism that does not permit teachers to do their best job. Teachers themselves are perceived as being negative regarding teaching, because of workloads, prevention concerns and lack of a mechanism that rewards capable teachers for sustaining in teaching profession. Therefore, teaching has always been regarded as an esteemed job as a whole.