Ethical Issues On Nuclear And Bio-Chemical Weapons

Nuclear and bio-chemical weapons are also considered weapons of mass destruction. Weapons of mass destruction are any nuclear, radiological, biological or another weapon that can cause significant harm to a multitude of people and even kill or cause great damage to buildings and natural structures like mountains. These weapons of mass destructions have existed for many years. Throughout history, there have been instances where countries have been forced to make use of these weapons.

However, the use of these weapons has received mixed reaction in the international community. The main question that is usually raised is whether the use of these weapons is necessary and whether there could have been easier and alternative options to this. A nuclear bomb can destroy a city through blast and fire. The radiation can also cause harm at a great distance in space and time from where the explosion occurred. Biochemical weapons are less lethal compared to the nuclear weapons. The chemical weapon can however cause harm when one is in proximity.

When this weaponry is in the hands of the wrong person like maybe a terrorist, the weapon could cause a lot of destruction. They would end the lives of many and destroy a lot of properties. When these factors are considered, having, the weapons are seen to be unethical.

These weapons are usually created and manufactured with the intention to destroy. The thought of having such a weapon made raises a lot of questions. One would wonder if the weapons are being made to start a war or with the intention to stop one.

When the military is equipped with these weapons, they are said to be protecting the nation. This actions raise conflicts on the moral dilemma involved here. The dilemma is whether these big weapons which are capable of wiping out an entire town are necessary. When the enemy that is being attacked using this weapon does not have the same capability, it may even lead to more ethical issues.

An example of the use of nuclear weapons is during the last period of the II World War where the USA dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. The bombings on the two cities killed at least 129,000 people. The bombing started fires that spread rapidly onto the wood and paper homes. So many lives were lost, and their homes were destroyed. This attack is said to be the last attack where nuclear weapons were used in History. The United States was hardly the only country with the power to use nuclear weapons. This attack should have been used as an opportunity to use nuclear weapons. But the international community failed to do so. However, there is still a chance to rid the world of these weapons.