Human Trafficking

Thousands of women, men and children are victims of traffickers every year. Human trafficking is a crime and goes against human rights. Many countries participate in trafficking either being the origin where people are taken from or the country that receives that people to be exploited. The United Nations is the main organization that fights human trafficking. Let’s take a deeper look at what human trafficking is.

Human trafficking can be defined as the harboring, transfer, recruitment, transportation or receipt of persons by way of force or threat with can include abduction, fraud, coercion, abuse of power, deception, giving or receiving money or gains in order to have the person’s consent to have the power over another person for exploitation. Exploitation is not limited to forced labor, prostitution, servitude, removal of organs or servitude. There are three elements that define human trafficking: the act, the means and the purpose. The act is what is done and involves the transportation, receipt, harboring, transportation or recruitment of persons. The means is how it is done and involves controlling another person by means of abduction, fraud, abuse of power or vulnerability, threat, use of force, giving payments or benefits to the other person and deception. The purpose is why it is done which includes and is not limited to forced labor, prostitution, removal of organs or slavery. The criminalization of human trafficking contained in article 3 of the Trafficking in Persons Protocol states the definition while article 5 requires it to be criminalized in domestic legislation. The Protocol also needs to criminalize the attempt, participation and organization of trafficking. Human trafficking takes place inside and outside a country's frontiers, so it’s not just across the border. It involves many exploitative purposes, not only sexual prostitution. Men and children are also victims, not just women. It may involve the participation of crime organizations.

In conclusion, human trafficking involves three elements: the act, the means and the purpose. Once these three criteria are met, then we can say a person is victim of human trafficking. Keep in mind that trafficking is not only for sexual purposes, but can even be for killing somebody to sell that person’s organs. That said, human trafficking is a horrible crime that needs to be punished and stopped by all governments. Many countries still live with the burden of having their people slaughtered and abused due to the fact that governments are part of crime organizations.