Composing an Essay: Important Stages of the Writing Process

Writing is a learned skilled. Just like sports, some students have a natural ability to be better than other students do, but that doesn’t stop those that aren’t just able to do it, stop from learning how to throw the ball correctly or write a sentence that impresses. A skill that any student can work on perfecting; students can perfect the skill by practicing and following the stages of the writing process.


  • Prewriting: This is a stage of the writing process that really help the student get started. In this stage, the student gets all the false starts, and bad ideas out of the way. Using mapping, webbing and other forms of prewriting will help the student find the right subject and angle to write in.
  • Outline: While many will group outlining with prewriting, it stands alone on this list because once the student has decided on the topic and the approach of the piece. Then they need to organize it and outlining is how the student can decide what parts of the paper to put where. Having the outline gives a visible account for the student to make sure that they will have a good flow for the paper.
  • Drafting: Once the student has organized their paper, then they need to complete the first draft. This draft is when they write out everything they want to say. While the good student will mind their grammar and punctuation, this is when the student can just get all their thoughts onto the paper.
  • Editing and Revising: Once the draft is complete, then the student can go through and begin the revision process. They can order things in a way that makes it flows in a more natural and logical progression. This is where the student can make sure that their sentences are properly structured, grammar is following all the massive rules, and the reader of the paper makes sense.
  • Polish: This is the final stage of the process. This is where the student will make sure that all the minor errors are fixed. Erasing and fixing all typos and minor problems that are sometimes overlooked in the revising process.

These stages are the important parts of the writing process. Each student is taught theses stages from the early years of education as a part of the learned skill. This process will help any student work on their skill to become a master of the craft of writing.