How To Complete A Definition Essay About True Friendship

In a definition essay, you define a term, idea, or topic. You then proceed to give examples for this subject that prove your definition is correct. It is rather easy to write and fun, as well. As you proceed to complete this piece, use our tips and ideas so you have success.

Tips and Ideas for an Essay about True Friendship

  • First you will want to define the word properly. You cannot move ahead until you do this.
  • Next, you will want to compose your thesis statement. Make sure it is strong and impactful. An example might be, True friendship is when both people give, take, and totally understand each other.
  • If you se the thesis statement mentioned above, your main ideas, which will help to form body paragraphs, are give, take, and understand. You now are ready to make the essay outline.
  • You can use a topic or a sentence outline. It does not matter which style you use unless your teacher requires a certain format. The outline will change as you create it and this is acceptable.
  • You can uses sources to prove your point. You will include these sources on your outline. For example, you could find a survey that proves your definition is correct and you could use it in the piece. You could also find a quote about the topic and use it to support your main points.
  • Remember that you will still need an introductory paragraph and a conclusion paragraph in this piece. It will also still follow all academic and formal writing rules. A more informal topic does not mean an informal paper. Follow all the regular rules and the teacher instructions.
  • Try not to make the paper too dry by giving too many definitions. However, do remember that all words have more than one meaning. However, if you are going to give all the meanings, be very specific to point out the exact one that you will be using in your composition. Make sure to cite the source of your meaning and to include it on the works cited page. Find out what form the instructor wants you to use, but for this style of piece, it is probably MLA. Id the teacher does not tell you; make sure to ask a question. Directions need to be clear in your mind, so you can do well.