Creating A Winning Comparative Essay About Hamlet And Lion King

When writing a comparative essay is good to have two different topics that involve a range of similarities and differences. In fact, if you need to write a comparative paper for literature or any similar subject, then you may wish to choose the topics of Hamlet and the Lion King as the basis of your paper.

In fact, these two topics will rarely be connected with one another and, therefore, they make an excellent choice if you want to create a relatively unique piece of work. However, this is not topics the only benefit of choosing these two, as there are many similarities between the two works, as well as the very distinct and obvious differences - all of which will make it easier to write your paper.

For example, both works look at various themes relating to power and kings, as well as a range of other shared themes and ideas. As a result, you can look at the way in which both stories examine these themes, and how they use similar concepts. Alternatively, you may wish to look at how there are plenty of other differences, including the fact that the main characters in the Lion King are obviously animals, whereas in Hamlet the main characters are human.

Equally, you may wish to discuss the fact that Hamlet was written by Shakespeare several centuries ago, whilst the Lion King is a relatively modern story. Nevertheless, despite the huge age between the two stories, there are still a wide range of similarities.

Organising the work

You may have various instructions when it comes to writing the paper; however, you will most likely need to follow a relatively similar structure, just as you would with most other papers, in that you will have some form of introduction, a body section, and a conclusion. Your introduction should inform the reader about the two topics that you will be discussing, as well as potentially given a brief background relating to the two topics, particularly as the stories may appeal to very different people, so it is best to explain further about them.

Your body section will be used to outline any similarities and differences that you have identified between the two stories, and will generally include a paragraph for each point that you wish to make.

Finally, an organised paper will also include a conclusion, which will be included after the body section, and will be based upon any points made earlier in the essay.