Creating A Perfect Poetry Analysis Essay Outline

Poetry is one of the more polarizing forms of literature. Most people can be convinced to enjoy a novel every now and then but poetry has a smaller audience. If you are unaccustomed to analyzing poetry and find yourself obligated to do so, you may rightfully be confused. Here are some tips that can help you start out with a well written outline.

  • Read the poem
  • It seems so very obvious but many a student has felt compelled to read the summary instead. This is especially true when it comes to the lengthier poems that are a bit boring. No summary can fully capture the poet’s spirit. Reserve an adequate portion of time in your schedule and read the poem thoroughly making notes as you go along. These notes will prevent you from having to reread the poem every time you need to figure something out.

  • Look for themes
  • Some poems have a single theme that is reinforced throughout. Others are practically crawling with them. Your analysis requires you to pick out the dominant ones, make note of the supporting ones and show how they’re all linked. Each point you discover may end up being a separate paragraph in your essay’s body.

  • Describe the rhyming style
  • Not all poems rhyme so if your poem does not, this part will be a bit trickier. There are emotional aspects that are brought out just through the vowel sounds that are found in a particular part of a poem. If the rhyming scheme is a-b-a-b as opposed to a-b-b-a, you can explain why the poet made that choice, if it is a trademark of their writing style and so on.

  • Put everything in order
  • The writing you have done thus far has been the foundation of your essay. Taking your previous work and organizing it in a way that flows similarly to your final essay will leave you with an outline. This is the stage where you decide what goes where and you can work on drafts of your introduction and conclusion. Everything you have already written is subject to change as you review your writing and go through proofreading and editing.

By merely following the steps as outlined above you will have created a workable outline for your poetry analysis essay. Poetry can be difficult so practice your analytic skills regularly on your favorite poems and those that are recommended to you.