Mental Health In The U.S.

An astounding number of Americans suffer from mental health afflictions like bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and post-traumatic stress disorder. All of these disorders require mental health treatment at a certified facility. It is not uncommon for patients to require in-patient treatment until medications have stabilized the condition. Sadly, only half of people with mental health disorders receive any type of treatment due to the lack of proper finances and knowledge of the mental health aide available. Mental health awareness campaigns aim to help American citizens understand the mental health crisis in the U.S.

There are millions of patients with mental illnesses, ranging from mild cases to severe cases. These patients work closely with therapists, counsellors, psychiatrists, and psychologist to help them control the symptoms. Without the proper treatment, mental health patients may not be able to function as a normal person. This can keep them from maintaining a job, may cause them to become alcoholics, and could cause drug abuse issues. Many awareness campaigns aim to help the American population realize the seriousness of mental health.

There is a variety of treatment options available for patients with bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and schizophrenia. These treatment options can help reintroduce them back into society by helping treat and maintain the symptoms that interrupt their daily life. Post-traumatic stress disorder is a common mental health issue seen in soldiers. The cruelties of war are embedded in their mind causing insomnia, depression, regret, and paranoia. There is treatment available that can help suppress nightmares improving sleep. The improvement of sleep helps to reduce anxiety and depression, making this disorder manageable.

People with mental health disorders are considered a higher risk for a number of things. These people are considered unstable, causing them to have a breakdown, which could cause harm to others or themselves. The studies of criminals throughout the U.S. show most of them have untreated mental health disorders. The study suggests with the right treatment, the incidents deeming these people criminals were avoidable.  Teaching Americans the warning signs, who to call with concerns, and how to get them help could help avoid heartache. The U.S. has many mental health campaigns, and many mental health programs available for any person who is thought to have a mental health disorder. Receiving the proper treatment is of great importance to society. It can help avoid a criminal situation, and it can save the life of someone you love.