What Are Good Informative Essay Topics For College Students?

An informative essay that is sometimes called an expository essay has one precise aim, which is to inform readers on a certain topic. While writing this essay, you don’t need to persuade readers about a certain point of view or so. What you need to do is give them enough information that will satisfy their desire to know something about a problem, situation, person, etc.

If you want to compose a winning informative essay, you should remember that a great deal of your success depends on the topic you choose. If you are not interested in the area it’s related to, you will hardly be able to compose an interesting, catchy text that will grab your readers attention. You will not be interested in searching for additional information on the subject or doing deep research in case you don’t care. So, if you are allowed to choose a topic on your own, give your preference to the best ones.

There are several useful tips on choosing a good informative essay topic for college students.

  • Choose a topic that excites you.
  • Even if you need to compose a paper in an area that is not that your cup of tea, try to find aspects that can be interesting for you. For instance, if you need to write about a famous person who has achieved success in literature and music, you can choose the musical aspect of his or her biography providing you are not interested in literature, and so on.

  • Choose a topic that has a good reference background.
  • Anyway, whatever information you provide in your essay, you should make sure that it’s reliable enough. If you are speaking about a person’s biography, you’d better use several reference sources to make sure that facts are trustworthy enough.

  • Choose a topic that is likely to be unique.
  • Selecting a topic for your informative paper, find out, what other students have chosen in order to undertake something really interesting and special.

Below, you can find several ideas for informative papers that you can use.

  1. Speak about the vegetarian lifestyle.
  2. Speak about the Holocaust.
  3. Speak about the mechanism and health risks of tanning.
  4. Speak about the growing number of obesity cases.
  5. Speak about Shakespeare and his contribution to the world literature.
  6. Speak about the use of plastic surgery.
  7. Speak about five most popular pop singers of the current year.
  8. Speak about gun ownership and proper control that it requires.