Creating An Impressive Text Response Essay On 1984

This paper will give some tips on how to write an impressive text response essay on 1984. The ability to write such a paper requires a total understanding of the novel. This includes the thought process of the main characters. The actions and thoughts are those of above average intellects and creative forms. The writer must know the background of the characters to explain the reason for their actions and beliefs. Their ability to take the reader’s into their personal worlds. This makes the book an emotional rollercoaster. The structure of the work is written to give the reader a close personal sort of relationship with the member’s involved. Getting involved in that manner keeps the attention of the reader. Having the ability to take in the main ideas and forming your own point of view will make the response easier to construct.

  1. Describe the main characters in length. Let the readers know what kind of individual each of them are. This will give reader an idea of the part they play in the story. Having the reader know all the circumstances lets them feel they are right there.

  2. When describing the locations mentioned in the story try to be as detailed as possible. Tell the reader what kind of people live in these places. Give the reason for the atmosphere. The influences that give the identity of the people and places.

  3. Show that you can explain and understand the topic.

  4. Know the themes and messages given in the story.

  5. Get in the practice of using brief quotes that support your argument about your summations.
  6. Support your point of view through textual references. Be sure you reach strong conclusions when defending your view.

  7. Planning essay; prepare 5 main arguments that are relevant to the topic that will be used for topic sentences for each paragraph.

  8. Have key questions and ideas ready. Be as organized as possible. This will make putting the body of the paper together easier. Being organized will allow the transition of each topic sentence to flow into its paragraph.

This type of paper goes right to the main ideas of each situation. It explains in a manner that gives the reader the necessary information. The completion of this paper will give the audience the general view of who the characters were. They will also know their plans and the outcomes. Check this if you want clarification on any information you are seeking.