Religion In Middle East

The people of Middle East are significantly differentiated in terms of their religion, ethnicity and nationality. Most of the population there are Muslims. Except for Palestinian and Egypt areas, Islamic is a dominating religion in the Middle East. Although most people of the Middle East are Muslims, there are distinctions within the islamic faith based on different regions of Middle East. Some of the sects within the larger Islamic religion include the Shiite, the Sunni, the Alawites, the Ismailis, the Druze, the Shafis and the Ibadis.

The Islamic religion spread to other parts of the world at a very high rate. It is believed that there are more Muslims living out of Middle East as compared to those living in the Middle East. Besides Islamic, there are other religions practised in the Middle East that include Christianity and Judaism. In a country like Israel, Islamic is not the popular religion.

Overview of religion in the Middle East

Most people of the Middle East used religion as a form of identity. In the past, there were even empires based on religion borders in the Middle East. The Islamic, the religion of the vast majority of people in the Middle East was introduced by prophet Mohamed many years ago. Before his death, he succeeded in converting most of pagan Arabian tribes into the Islamic religion. Christianity and Judaism are the two religions that existed in the Middle East long before the introduction of Islamic by prophet Mohamed. In his quest to convert as many pagans into Islamic, prophet Mohamed never forced the minority Christians to convert into Islamic rather he allowed them to live by their religion. He called them the people of the book who ignored the complete version of revelation. Although there was a power struggle among different religions in the Middle East, Islamic religion managed to win and survive the wars forcing the losing to vacate some parts of Middle East. But after religious calm was eventually regained in the Middle East, all religions were allowed to practice freely their religious customs but under some conditions. The conditions required them to pay tax and their men were not to be included in the army.

Religion of Middle East before Islamic

Before the birth of Prophet Mohamed and introduction of Islamic in the Middle East, there existed three dominant religions that were Christianity, Jews and Zoroastrian. Though the three religions were dominating the Middle East at the time, some Arabian communities within the Middle East worshipped idols.