How To Get A Good Essay Plagiarism Checker For Free

One great thing to have when you are writing essays a lot that include direct quotes and information from other sources is a plagiarism checker. Your teacher will use one of these to see if your paper was plagiarized from another source. You should get one to make sure that you are not copying too much of the information.

Most schools will expel students for cheating. Plagiarism is a form of cheating. You are stealing the intellectual property of someone else by taking their ideas or words and passing them off as your own. You can see that this is not something that you want to do. You can download one of these systems and they will check your papers for you. Here are two great places to find one.

Writing Lab

Your writing resource lab more than likely has access to one. You can ask them where it can be downloaded from or see if they have one there. This resource center is designed to offer you with lots of resources when it comes to writing. They will be able to help you find what you need.


You can also access these online if you can’t get one from your resource lab. Look for the download and you will be able to find some free ones. If your school has an online site, you may be able to find one on there as well. Most schools offer services like this on their site to help students. They want to keep you from accidentally turning in a plagiarized paper that is going to get you expelled and them one less tuition check.

Stealing someone’s intellectual property whether on purpose or on accident is something that is really taken seriously. Many students have been kicked out of school for cheating. You don’t want to fall victim to this. Download your checker and submit your papers to see how much it compares to a published version.

Remember that you will have some likeness to another copy but anything over five percent is really unacceptable. Some schools will want you to have even less than that similar to another work. Be sure to see what requirements your school has. You never know it may be less. You have the ability to determine whether your paper is safe or not once you download one of these programs so you might as well take advantage of it.