Tactics And Strategies For Writing A Strong Response Essay

Once you are given an essay assignment based on a question, your course of action is fairly simple. You must respond and that action is limited by the question itself. Few things are simpler than that but you must think your strategy through if you intend to execute it well. Here are some tactics that can ensure that you response essay is well constructed.

  • Get used to debating
  • Debate is a great way to get accustomed to putting points together to form a cohesive argument. Just as each question is expected to produce opposing sides, your paper can choose to respond in one way or another. By getting used to debating it will become second nature to you and your writing skills will improve incidentally.

  • Brainstorm excellent topics
  • There are many things you can write about. By giving yourself a chance to come up with good possible topics you will most likely stumble upon a few that are similar to or identical to ones that you may end up being assigned. This process can be attempted alone or in groups.

  • Write practice papers
  • Having come up with some topics, it’s a good idea to test them out. Like most things you will attempt, this type of essay gets easier the more you do it. Over time you will become so adept that you are able to write them quickly and competently in no time at all.

  • Get advice from other writers on your style
  • With your pile of practice papers growing constantly you will have something to present to others who can assess your ability. Any good writer will do whether it be your teacher or just a good friend with a gift. Ask for honest advice and then implement it. You have to remain open to harsh criticism if it will make you better.

  • Collect the necessary formatting resources
  • Your essay will be expected to obey the rules of a particular writing format. Find out what it is and assess how well you can use it. If you need help, get a template, read the guide booklet and look for other resources online.

  • Manage your time
  • The time will fly the closer your deadline looms. Make sure you have milestones set up so that you are aware of your remaining time.

By following these steps you will be well on your way to a strong response essay.