The Power Of Travel: Impacts Of Tourism On The United States

Travel is the fastest growing service industry in the world. Many people are traveling a lot either for business, holiday, tourism or education. According to World Trade Travel and Tourism, the total global income from travel and tourism only rose by $6,990 billion in the year 2013. In the year 2014, the figure has increased by 4.3 % to a whopping $7,289 billion. Statistics by the same body showed that America enjoyed better business from travel and tourism in comparison with the rest of the world. The change in population demographics shows that majority of the people are the youths. This has led to a shift in the lifestyle and the spending culture. The wage rates have also risen to an all-time high. This leaves most of the earners with a larger percentage of disposable incomes.

Travel Expenditure in the United States

2.7% of Americas total GDP in the year 2013 was achieved from travel and tourism. There were an increasing number of tourists both local and international visitors. These explode of travelers led to growth in the industry. In that year, the travel industry created 14.9 million jobs. The government collected revenue of $134 billion from taxation on the wages paid to the people in these jobs. The tourism industry led to growth and development of other industries like catering and tour guides. This means that travel impacts significantly on the economy of the United States. Many companies come up to support the growing need for travel services. Travel has also led to expansions and development of I infrastructure. Air travel was expanded by increasing flights. Train schedules revised so as to accommodate and serve the rising number of travelers. The numbers of taxis in the streets of the major cities in America increase every day.

Effect on the Culture

America is viewed as a multicultural nation. It has people from all parts of the world. This has been fundamental in the expansion of the travel and tourism industry. Better still, it has led to development and growth of the diverse culture. Many people visit America and introduce their culture. The different cultures have also been preserved so that tourists feel welcome to America. Some regions that are known for the various cultures are natured and funded by the national government. This is the aim of preserving these cultures to ensure that they earn the country some money.