Basic Writing Rules For Academic Essays

There are some rules that you should follow when you are writing an academic essay.  These rules are simple but many use things like point of views, phrases, and other things that shouldn’t be in their essay.  I will tell you all the rules of what not to do in your academic essay next time you have to write one.

The Rules On What To Avoid

  • Don’t use first person in your essay, this means avoiding using I, me, we, us, our, etc.  You also don’t want to us second person as well like, you and your.
  • The phrases you should avoid are, I think, I believe, I feel, or in my opinion.
  • Other words to avoid are it, of, by, being, and one.
  • This is a not brainer but don’t use slang or informal diction.
  • Be clear and exact with your sentences.  Avoid words like really, a lot, great, best, etc.
  • Don’t command the to do something, this means don’t use words like be sure to and so on.
  • Use words like failed instead of did not.  If you have to use a thesaurus to avoid negative words like this.
  • Write out all of your contractions, like can’t to cannot.
  • Words that you should never use in your academic essay, important, unfortunately, imperative, virtually impossible, vital, well worth, necessary, fundamental, hopefully, and so on.
  • Never begin a sentence with, as, there, this, that, they, it, in, because, through, or with.
  • Don’t use anecdotes or scenarios to illustrate what you are trying to tell the reader.  This might work in some essay but not an academic one.
  • Don’t write uncertainty words in your essay, for example could, probably, may, might, and maybe.
  • Make sure that you use that and which correctly.
  • Don’t use must, need, or should and use verbs like is, are, were, and was sparingly.
  • Use active voice and don’t write your essay in passive voice.  This makes the sentence too wordy and not clear or concise.

I know if must sound like I just gave you a list of words not to use in your academic essay but this simple words can make your essay sound less academic.  The way that an essay is written is so important and avoid words like this will ensure that you essay is well written.  You can also use your search in your Word document and find these words and get rid of them if you happen to miss any of them.