Creating A Winning Problem Solution Essay On Drinking And Driving

Drinking and driving is an important social evil rising at a drastic rate even after several attempts to control it. Drinking alcohols is another part of the debate because that is a personal act even though it affects the health and memory of the person. However, if you are sensible enough to weigh the pros and cons of drinking and are above the legal age then you can go ahead and enjoy as much drinking, as you like. Driving when you are drunk is another case, here not only you but also others are at risk. You are not in your appropriate senses and your reflexes are not going to respond the way they would in a normal situation. This could place several lives at risk and you would have to bear severe consequences if an accident occurs.

  1. However, this is just one side of the story; you can talk about different aspects of drinking and driving and make sure that your approach is unique. You may talk about a minimum limit for being drunk that would allow you to drive your car or talk about techniques that can help prevent this problem. A problem solution essay is the type of paper where you have to think of a problem and address it properly in your paper. It is important that the solution you suggest is realistic and achievable. Even if you talk about technology that does not yet exist, you should give enough logic for the reader to believe it could be done. If you think of a solution, you must also find out the weaknesses and gaps in your solution. It is better to give them on your own rather than letting the reader find out the limitations in your approach. If you write the limitations in your paper, then the reader would have an impression that you are completely aware of what you are doing.

  2. To compose a winning paper you would need strong logic and develop strong major arguments for your body paragraphs. This is critical because the readers do not want to waste their time on mere opinions and ideas. You should find supporting evidence for each major argument like 3 or 4 for each major argument.

  3. Try writing the conclusion and the introduction after completing the body so that the entire paper follows the same direction.