How To Write A Perfect Essay: A Tried And Tested Technique

Writing an essay is basically writing your thoughts in a researched process. In other words, the writer uses their thoughts to direct their research, and back them up with references and/or person research. How to write a perfect essay, is to form your thoughts with valid facts, and then present them in a convincing voice. Here are some tips on how to use tried and tested techniques to do just that.

  1. - Select a Topic
  2. - Use, the Three Evaluations
  3. - Write a Well Formed Outline
  4. - Style and Form

Select a Topic

After finding out what the essay is to be written on, select a good topic. What a good topic is, is one that will allow the student to address the problem in the most effective way. Even if the problem is a question, the topic should be able to allow the answer to come through it. Some experts say to make an easy topic, but this is a relative term. Easy is one that the student can write effectively and coherently. For each student this is different, so with their skill and understanding, it needs to be one that will challenge and allow a coherent answer to the problem to come forward.

Use, the Three Evaluations

The three evaluations are; background knowledge, enough findings, a good argument. So by this, the questions to ask yourself are, do you know enough about the topic? Is there enough information to write a solid essay? And, can you make a good argument with the topic? If any of these is a no, or you are unsure, then the topic is a bad one. Always pre-research your topic to find out if there is enough information to work with or not. Then make notes through your main research, that you can use when writing.

Write a Well Formed Outline

Never write an essay without knowing what you are going to do. Outline the whole of the essay, and do not worry about making changes, it happens with the best of essay writers. Outline each part of the essay, and know where each reference will go, as so you can build up to that reference.

Style and Form

Know what style the instructor wants the essay written in, and make sure to have the reference handbook at hand when writing it. Format each paper as per the style, and cite and reference in accordance to the rules of that style.

Make sure the form is proper and according to the instructors modifications, if any. Always have a proper introduction, body, and a strong conclusion. Never leave any questions that you do not want the reader to ask. The essay should direct the reader to ask only the questions the writer wants them to ask.